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Where is the event taking place?

The AZ Prom Experience will be held at a major event venue in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. As soon as we make sure all aspects of the event can be safely executed at the location, we will update this website and our @AZPromExperience Instagram.

Who can attend the event?

Any Arizona high school student from the ages of 16 to 18 can attend the event. This event is for Juniors and Seniors of the 2019-2020 school year that had their prom canceled due to COVID-19. A valid Student ID or Driver's License is required for entry.

What if I am a 19 year old Senior? Can I still attend?

Yes! But you must show your Student ID to prove that you are a Senior in the class of 2020.

When will tickets be on sale?

We plan to have tickets available for purchase soon. Be sure to follow our Instagram page @AZPromExperience for updates and check our website soon for more information.

What is the dress code?

This is a prom through and through, so it is formal attire. We want to give all the guests the full prom experience they had taken away from them!

If I have a friend who is a Senior or Junior from another state, can they come?

Unfortunately this event is for Arizona students only, as a current Student ID or Driver’s License is required for entry.

Who will be performing at the AZ Prom Experience?

We are working to sign nationally-recognized acts to perform on the main stage. We are currently in contract negotiations with them so can’t let the cat out of the bag yet. However, keep an eye out on our Instagram page @AZPromExperience. We will be releasing talent information as they come on board.

Can I become a promoter for the event?

We are currently looking for fun and energetic individuals that want to help us promote this amazing event. Slots are filling up fast though, so please DM us directly on Instagram @AZPromExperience and email us at

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What will happen if the COVID-19 quarantine is still in effect?

We are constantly monitoring regulations set by the CDC to make sure that we can have a safe and fun event for all. If the quarantine or gathering restriction is still in place, we will work with our team to find a later date.

Will there be chaperones there or other adult supervision?

Point blank: Yes. We will have a professional security team ensuring all those in attendance are safe and responsible. We will also be asking parents to volunteer to be chaperones on site as well. We will not tolerate any behavior that puts attendees at risk or that is detrimental to the prom-like experience.

Why are some details about the event not being announced?

Due to the extraordinary circumstances and the constantly-evolving local, state, and federal guidelines, event details are being changed or considered on a regular basis. This is not meant to be deceptive or evasive, but to be responsible in what we share and when. We will share any details are firmly in place.

How can I become a vendor?

If you would like to become a vendor, please visit our Contact page and fill out the form with more information about your business and how you would like to be involved!

How can I become a sponsor?

We are already getting inquiries for sponsorships and welcome all of them. This is going to be the biggest event for high school students Arizona has ever seen, so we would love for your sponsorship to be a part of it. Please visit our Contact page and fill out the Sponsorship form and our Sponsorship Coordinator will reach out to you.

Can local artists perform at the event?

Absolutely! We will have a sign up page soon so that local artists, high school bands, and anyone interested can audition to play on one of our stages.